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Is Now The Right Time To Start Your Own Business?
April 6, 2017
How To Move Ahead On Your Big Idea Guest Article by Jason Lewis, Career setbacks can feel like a significant blow when they come up, but these days, many people are using these types of setbacks to transition into starting their own business. The options for owning your own business are almost limitless and while the journey can be time-consuming and challenging, it can be incredibly rewarding as well. How...
Gliffen’s Organizational Culture
March 28, 2017
Recently, a talented fine art painter and wife of a former Gliffen Designs employee, asked us some questions about the organizational structure at Gliffen Designs for a report she was doing for her "Managing Dynamic Organizations" course.  Being the transparent group that we are, we decided to share her report with you. Diagnosing Organizational Culture Lida Steves For this assignment I chose to look at Gliffen Designs, a web design, graphics design,...
remarketing campaigns
Do your remarketing campaigns right!
March 3, 2017
As we gear up to start some new  remarketing campaigns, we decided to do a little research and review into best practices and tips. We found this article on Wishpond that reviews some advanced strategies for setting up a remarketing campaign. Some of our big takeaways from this article: Create multiple ad sizes will allow your ad to show on multiple networks. Bid more on the clients who are definitely...
Good luck, Tres!
January 27, 2017
Charles (Tres) Plummer has been working for Gliffen for since October 2014. Just 6 months ago he moved out to open our Austin, TX office, with office dog, Caliche in tow. We enjoyed having him in the Jackson office of course but it was sweet to still work together remotely staying in touch via Google Hangouts for Project Meetings and his occasional visit back up here. But alas, Tres...
website expenses
What’s in your website expenses?
January 26, 2017
At Gliffen, we want to be as transparent as possible with our website development expenses. We felt it was important to explain what initial expenses you may have and give a brief description of the various components. A domain is your actual website address. It is translated into numbers called an IP address and those numbers are how computers communicate with each other. You have to register your domain every...
Visiting jackson hole
Visiting Jackson Hole: Tourist Questions, Locals Answer
January 17, 2017
Visiting Jackson Hole: Locals Answer All! We wanted to step back from our usual blogs about marketing, social media and website design to answer some questions about our hometown, Jackson Hole. Over the years, we have heard some extremely interesting questions from tourists. We decided to probe a few other locals to get a complete list of questions that tourists might have while visiting Jackson Hole. We appreciate everyone’s question contributions...
The Hole Coupon Book 2017- Spring
January 10, 2017
Gliffen Designs is bringing back the Hole Coupon Book for 2017’s Spring off-season! Advertise with us and bring in business during that slow, muddy Spring! April, May and the beginning of June in Jackson Hole is a tough time for businesses. When the resort closes, businesses rely on locals to get them through to the tourist season. What better way to reach 15,000 of these locals but through a coupon...
Marketing with Social Media
January 3, 2017
Social media marketing is the key to a successful online presence in this day and age. But you don’t have to be a Millennial to understand how it works. Here’s a summary of two online articles with helpful tips for understanding how to market using social media. The first article was found on Entrepreneur by Susan Gunelius, a CEO of a marketing communication company in FL. She outlines the...
coding language
Understanding Basic Coding Language
December 27, 2016
A Beginner’s Guide to Coding Language As one of the newer members to Gliffen Design, I’ve enrolled in an online program to understand how to create and design websites. I figured it was about time to share with you a bit of what I have learned in layman’s terms. That way, when you go to talk to one of our more experienced designers, you will know what they are talking about. Think...
writer's block
Writer’s Block: Gliffen Designs Now Does Content Writing!
December 22, 2016
Writer’s block is a pain. We have a potential cure. Gliffen Designs is happy to announce that we will now be providing content writing as one of the many services in our arsenal. Adding the meat to the site can be just as challenging as writing the code for the site to work. We get it. When you struggle to put your ideas down on paper, the launch of your website...
Reviewing Google Analytics
Reviewing Google Analytics-Great Reports to Check
December 16, 2016
In addition to learning about Google Adwords, I have been reviewing Google Analytics for a handful of sites to get an idea of how to optimize both ads and website pages for our clients. Since I’m new to this feature, I googled some articles on how to get the most from Google Analytics and found an interesting read from Conversion XL. This site reviewed Google Analytics Reports that help...
surviving the holidays
A Survival Guide to the Holidays
December 13, 2016
Holiday season stressing you out? Don't let it get you down! With this well-researched guide, you can not only survive the holidays, you can thoroughly enjoy them! Disclaimer: For 100% effectiveness, be sure to have a designated driver and drink responsibly. Ibuprofen for the next day is also highly recommended....
google adwords
A Google Adwords Marketing Campaign-How to do it right!
December 9, 2016
As a new member of the Gliffen team, I've been learning how to use Google Adwords to set up a marketing campaign for some of our clients. I  found an interesting read on common mistakes made when setting them up and wanted to share it. Kissmetrics Blog suggests that a poorly managed campaign on Adwords can result in a loss of revenue and thus I want to do it right! Mistake one is not...
Use Pinterest to Identify You
November 29, 2016
Use Pinterest to decide who you are! Who you are and who do you want to be is a mystery to us. Maybe you could give us some clues...try to use Pinterest?! One of our graphic designers recently had a client provide her with a Pinterest board of the client’s interests and likes to help the designer understand her better. We got to thinking that this would be a great way...
Graphic Design Principles: What’s in your design?
November 18, 2016
Graphic Design Principles I decided to google some overall graphic design principles for my own education. I found this article by Bakari Chavanu that reviews a book by Robin Williams “The Non-Designer’s Design Book” and outlines some of her basic graphic design principles we see every day. One principle is proximity. The idea is that you can guide a viewer to parts of your design by grouping items together. Alignment is another...