About Gliffen Designs

Gliffen Designs was founded in 2006 to fill the void for affordable website development and hosting. Gliffen Designs is now host to over 200 different websites spanning in functionality from western wear e-commerce to artist portals to non-profit organization sites. In addition to website development and hosting, Gliffen Designs can fill almost any marketing need. Publication advertisements, video commercials, interactive training guides and promotional products are just a few of the additional services we have to offer you. For more information about what we are capable of, please visit the Services section of our site. Even with the large number of services we offer, Gliffen Designs is still a small company, allowing us to give our clients a personal touch and a new outlook. Our projects span different target markets, utilizing a variety of styles and mediums to get your message across. In addition to helping existing companies grow, we also help new companies develop their own identity that appeals to their target audience and sets them apart from the competition. We can offer you unique marketing ideas and strategies to help get your name out there.




Aj (Andrew) Best – Gliffen Designs Owner

Andrew Best - Owner of Gliffen DesignsA native of Chicago, IL Aj Best has lived in various locations around the world. He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a BFA emphasis in Digital Art and computer graphics programming in 2004. Aj then moved to Jackson Hole, WY in 2005. He worked as a web site and graphic designer for {e} house studios and Wyoming West Designs since 2000 before opening Gliffen Designs in 2006 and converted to running the company full time in 2009. With over 13 years of website and graphics design experience, Aj is committed to developing effective designs and user interfaces to fill the needs of Gliffen Designs clients. He spend a good deal of his time investigating, reading and employing the most current trends, strategies and standards in both graphics and web design. Aj is the father of #2 and spends his off time with his kids; camping, boating, riding his motorcycle and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle that Jackson Hole provides.


Heather DeVine – Senior Designer

Heather DeVine hails from Richmond, Virginia where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University concentrated in Animation and Media Studies. After college she pursued a career at a local ABC television station, where she held positions as a motion graphic artist, web designer and an art director. Shortly after, she joined her alma mater at VCU Office of Research as their web developer. Heather founded People Spread Love, a social movement where her and the community fulfill love requests from those in need of a little extra love. She loves being involved in her community, art, music, sketching, skiing and bike rides. Heather moved to Jackson, WY for new adventures and the opportunity to expand her creative mind in wide open spaces. She’s passionate about working with local businesses and non-profit organizations – helping them succeed. What she does involves assessing what our client’s needs are and what she can do to help them achieve the best possible results through branding, social media marketing, search engine marketing, various printed goods, strategic planning and consulting.


Charles (Tres) Plummer – Programmer

charles-plummerA Jackson local, Tres was interested in web design from an early age building sites for local businesses while in high school at JHHS. His company, Synthesia Web Design, produced several websites over its two year time span before closing its doors as Tres headed to college. At Montana State University, he focused primarily on his love for biology, and eventually graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences and a minor in Genetics. While deciding his next move, Tres met AJ Best and decided to join with Gliffen Designs in the Fall of 2014. He is passionate about creating interactive user driven web platforms and is a highly detail-oriented perfectionist. Similar to most Jackson Hole residents, Tres loves to be outside and ski! He is also an enthusiast of spelunking, rock climbing, mountain biking and backpacking. Although difficult being a computer nerd and outdoor enthusiast at the same time, Tres strives to accomplish that lifestyle everyday.


Veronica Hernandez – Designer/Programmer

veronica-hernandezVeronica is originally from El Paso, TX where she earned her BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at El Paso. After 13 years as a storage development engineer at Dell in Austin, she decided to pursue more creative aspects of the technology world and landed on front-end web development as her new career path where she enjoys experimenting and exploring new technologies related to web development and design.





Heather Best – Bookkeeping

heather-bestHeather Best is originally from the Lone Star state, having spent her formative years in the suburbs of Dallas. She’s had an artistic side since she was young which has propelled her across many a state line in her endless pursuit and learning of dance. She is currently on the Board of Directors for Riot Act, Inc. and occasionally returns to the stage to perform.  Before joining Gliffen she formerly worked as the advertising account coordinator for the Jackson Hole News & Guide. In her role there she assisted with the day-to-day advertising needs of the Valley’s largest paper. Her business talents led her to manage jhnewsandguide.com, lifeinthetetons.com, the jhpropertyguide.com, as well as coordinating the Jackson Hole Home Show. Heather’s abilities to manage are proven and pretty much engrained at this point, but having two young children, Xander age six and Harley age four, continue to keep those management skills sharp. She may be a loving and caring mom, but she’s far from your average soccer mom. When out of the office Heather can be found cruising around the valley on her motorcycle now that she just passed her motorcycle license test.

Mel Best – Support

img_2176Mel Best, a Chicago-born Jackson Hole native, works with Gliffen Designs a couple of days a week supporting the other designers. She also supports the business through marketing. Like her brother, AJ, she grew up overseas and has spent a good chunk of her life traveling. She recently returned from working overseas in Austria and left her full time career as a counselor to pursue more creative endeavors. She is currently working on a web design certificate through Sessions College.



Note: Before walking into our offices (Jackson, WY or Austin, TX) please remember that we have dogs. We love our dogs, as crazy as they may be.. so they come first. Okay, just kidding, our customers come first here at the office but let’s be honest you are a second the moment we are off the clock.

Hoover – Security Guard

Hoover (dog) - Security Guard at Gliffen Designs You can only guess where Hoover got his name. He is a trusty canine, vacuum cleaner, guard dog, and a beloved family member of the Best family. He hangs out at the office on occasion with every intention to play fetch and look out of the office doors to growl at anyone and anything walking past, giving us a bit of a jolt.



Sadie – Security Guard 2

SadieSadie is the newest addition to the DeVine family. She’s a real snuggle monster, still learning the ways of the world.  She enjoys naps, squeaky toys, skiing but hides under Heather’s desk for protection. We’ve realized she loves to bark (to greet and sometimes to protect Heather) at/from clients.. so sometimes she stays at home for the good of our sanity and the sanity of our beloved clients.



Caliche – Security Guard 3 (Austin, TX)

calicheTumbling in to life on the mean streets of Dallas, TX, Caliche quickly made a name for herself in the back alley circles and boneyard baffles through her sheer determination to kill with cuteness. After finding a home with Tres Plummer and Lida Steves, she hung up the boxing booties in light of the finer things in life.

Now she is learning to love, and to be loved. Constant affection and loyalty is what will be returned if you are ever given the off chance to meet this brindled beast, and with time comes wisdom – the wisdom to bark less and lick more; the wisdom to eat every kibble as if it was your last. She has a pedigree like a Romanian gypsy and a heart fashioned in the halls of Heaven.
Come on down to Gliffen to meet our newest guard dog Caliche, just remember – no treats, no treaty.