Graphic Design

Gliffen Designs is confident in fulfilling your businesses’ graphic design needs. Our team of experienced designers can provide creatively dynamic, eye-catching designs in a variety of displays.

Are your graphic design materials reflecting your brand to the best of its ability?

Having a consistent branding image is key to customer familiarity and retention. We can work within your branding guidelines or help you create a branding guide if you don’t have one. This will ensure your customers continue to get your consistent brand on every marketing opportunity.

Our Graphic Design Services

Brand Identity

Having continuity across all of your business materials is crucial to establishing a strong brand for your company. Gliffen can help your business achieve this by designing a strong logo, color scheme, choosing fonts and more.

Web Design

When it comes to your website, standing out from the competition is a must. The team at Gliffen can custom design your ideal website look to separate your site from the usual plug and play site designs.

Printed Goods

Well designed printed materials are a must for most businesses. Whether you are in need of business cards, posters, brochures, catalog design, event tickets or any other physical materials, we have you covered.

Non-Profit Design

Because we truly appreciate those who selflessly provide a benefit to our communities – Gliffen happily offers a 20% discount for all Non-profit design work. Click to learn more.

In short, we can handle pretty much any needs you may have.  We also provide printing services as well. Visit our Printing services to view what we offer and a sample of the printing costs to expect.

To see examples of our graphic design projects, please visit our portfolio page.

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