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Website Maintenance
August 26, 2022
. Websites require routine maintenance, anything made by a person needs to be maintained by a person. Building your website and neglecting to perform routine maintenance can lead to a list of problems and to make matters worse, those problems can arise without you ever knowing
Google Analytics 4 logo
Goodbye Universal Analytics, Hello Google Analytics 4
June 21, 2022
Exciting news, Google analytics 4 is here! Underneath your uncontrollable enthusiasm for this update you may be wondering “What is google Analytics 4? And how does this affect me?” Both are great questions. What is Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics 4, also known as GA4 is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic; it's the most important tool for determining the effectiveness of ongoing digital...
Social Media Comments | To Reply or Not Reply, That is the Question
May 16, 2022
Marketing on social media is great for most industries and a must for others. An unexpected question that most businesses run into if their marketing efforts are going well is, “should I reply to comments or messages?”. Firstly, this is a good problem to have, this means that your audience is engaging in your social media activity. The short answer is, yes you should reply to comments on your...
A Website is a Website is a Website… But is it?
May 9, 2022
How many of us out there have a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker that have told you they could build you a website to get your business started only to have them hand over to you the keys to your brand new website... that looks like a pinto with a bow wrapped around it... Gliffen has been in the business for a long time and we have seen a...
Social Media for Scaling Business
May 3, 2022
Two decades ago we never used an online platform as much as we do now for advertising our businesses and products. This said, social media is now the place to advertise and bring your business to the world. Honestly it doesn't matter if you're only looking to advertise or market to your local or regional area. The ability to target your market has expanded beyond this...