(Te)tons to Learn as a Development Intern

An internship in Jackson, Wyoming is much different than an internship anywhere else in the country. Allow me to explain. Jackson is a town nestled in the valley of the Grand Tetons and is surrounded by snow peaked mountains that attain heights of up to 13,776 feet. Its stunning location offers a place for the wild-hearted to romp freely through mountains and wildflower meadows alike. I, Ryley Higgins, am one of those people who was attracted to the small town due to its vast arena for exploration in my beat up hiking boots.

Decidedly though, road-tripping across the country from my hometown in Connecticut to spend my Summer between Sophomore and Junior year of college better offer a purpose greater than that of fulfilling my need to walk through the woods. Gliffen Designs gave me just that purpose.

Since beginning at Gliffen, I’ve been embraced by a community of local coworkers, dogs, and friends who are passionate about their work. They take valuable time out of their days to mentor me on the ins and outs of WordPress, Dreamweaver, hard-coding, soft-coding, up-coding, down-coding, (kidding about those last two) and the general expectations and processes of a smooth running small business. I am a very grateful student of my colleagues to be a part of a team who work to produce beautiful and functional websites, site branding, and logos for their clients.

In my first few weeks at Gliffen, I’ve had the opportunity to work on landing pages, content layout, and other various tasks to assist on in-progress projects. Although I can say I have already learned plenty, there is still much more to attain from my teachers during the remainder of my time in Jackson.

As an aspiring young developer, I can proudly say I am a few steps closer to producing websites of my own creation and hiking at elevation without sucking wind.

By: Ryley Higgins