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December 8, 2017
You may be contemplating building your own website and you may be considering signing up to build a Wordpress website. Have you "Googled" Wordpress websites and have seen two things: and Confusing, huh? Here's some clarity on Wordpress websites: Gliffen Designs builds A LOT of Wordpress websites for so many organizations and businesses. There are currently 74,652,825 sites out there as of today.  And it's pretty popular free-source platform...
Logo Variations: More Than 1 Logo
December 4, 2017
We completely agree with Greatest Story Creative on this subject when they are wrote about this very same subject that we were inspired to write one too. When a small business comes to Gliffen Designs for logo and branding guidance we can't help but find that logo variations are completely necessary. Not all logos can or should be be used for everything or everywhere. We absolutely want to encourage a Branding Style...
Tales of Jargon: What is the Difference Between a Font and a Typeface?
November 28, 2017
Designers, like most professionals in their field, are picky about jargon. And so, we dare-I-say arrogantly present this blog series: Tales of Jargon. Sling out these fancy terms the next time you’re with your designer friends (or with us, the designers at Gliffen) and watch the fireworks ignite, the eyes light up, the mouth agape. ___________________________ It is safe to assume that even laymen have heard the following names: Times New Roman Futura Helvetica Garamond It...
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Website Design Tricks To Boost Your Orthodontist Practice
October 27, 2017
If you want your orthodontist practice to be ahead of the competition, you have to use every trick in the book, including taking advantage of some modern and effective digital tools at your disposal. According to experts at OrthoSynetics, “…hardly any orthodontist has the time, patience, or skill to pursue online marketing on their own. This is why they hire professionals to get it done on their behalf.” But...
google ranks website content
How Google Ranks Website Content in 2017
October 6, 2017
Almost all website owners and SEO experts that deal with website promotion want to get their websites to the top of Google ranking. Getting a high ranking on Google can become a real headache when you do not understand how they rank websites or when Google updates its ranking algorithm. This guide aims to give you advice and directions on how Google ranks website content for 2017. Most website owners...
Yes, we secretly and not so secretly judge your font choice
October 3, 2017
So as graphic and web designers it's difficult to not judge font choice. You have even more flexibility in print work because the fonts are pretty boundless. Now for web there are some web safe fonts that are wise to stick with so the font display is pretty consistent for each visitor, no matter the browser they use. But God forbid, let's steer away from Arial and Times New Roman...
Locals Rejoice! Hole Coupon Book Fall 2017
September 29, 2017
The offseason is here in Jackson Hole and you know what that means… SAVINGS! And you may be thinking, “How do I get these savings?”, The answer is The Hole Coupon Book.  Coming to your P.O. Box October 1st is the Fall 2017 edition of the coupon book and it is chock full of useful deals for everyone in town.  So brace yourself and get your P.O. box key ready...
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Content Writing with Good Grammar, Thanks Grammarly!
September 8, 2017
So Gliffen Design provides content writing these days...a valuable service for those non-writing types. Writing is hard, I get it. I wanted to share a great tip for sounding professional on your website…HAVE GOOD GRAMMAR!   Having been raised attending a Catholic school until the age of 10, I can’t begin to tell you how much using appropriate grammar was instilled in our family from the beginning. I vividly remember...
Squiggly Birds – An Office Pastime
September 7, 2017
  Although here at Gliffen we pride ourselves on our great web and graphic design as well as marketing, we do like to have some fun from time to time to break away from the norm for a bit.  One of our favorite pastimes is Squiggly Bird, the very intense (not really) game of creative drawing of, you guessed it, squiggly birds.  Typically played amidst a team meeting, the game...
The Hole Coupon Book: Benefits of Off-Season Coupons vs Two-For-Ones
July 28, 2017
Several restaurants in Jackson insist on providing two-for-one deals. As a customer, I'm not complaining. I find a partner or several sets of partners in crime, and we head out to taste restaurants that I would otherwise not frequent during the year. While I'm not in the restaurant business, I would think this to be a big mistake from a business point of view. I feel most restaurants could benefit...
Tips and Tricks from Web Designers
July 26, 2017
Heather and Mel chatting with entrepreneurs, freelancers and others to go over Gliffen's Tips & Tricks from Web Designers. We went over Do-It-Yourself website building steps verses hiring a professional. There are clearly pros and cons on both sides but no matter what route you decide to take it, this information is important to keep in mind. Some key points: Do you research on what's the right web builder for...
Introduction to Marketing with Mailchimp
July 7, 2017
Thanks to all that joined the workshop "Introduction to Marketing with Mailchimp." We wanted to share with you Heather's presentation that you can refer to as well as her handout and Heather's notes. Mailchimp is meant to be a tool to reach your audience, customers and potential customers. Let's use the tools available to us with a better understanding of how they can work for your business or organization. The...
3 More Free Workshops on WordPress, Mailchimp & Tips and Tricks from Web Designers
June 20, 2017
We are ready to go with 3 more of our free workshops! After reviewing the results from our survey, we decided to provide a variety of topics and focus in as we go. We are going to continue on with three more workshops with Wordpress, Mailchimp and Tips & Tricks from Web Designers. Our workshops will be roughly about 1/2 hour presentation and then another 1/2 hour of questions and...
facebook as a marketing tool
Introduction to Facebook as a Marketing Tool
June 20, 2017
After our first round of Gliffen Designs' Workshops we had great feedback on material, length of workshop, time for questions/answers, suggestions of new topics as well as the benefit of having presentation material afterwards. We wanted to share with you a presentation that Heather DeVine put together for "Introduction to Facebook as a Marketing Tool." She talks about the importance of what Facebook is to small/large businesses, non-profit organizations and...
blog name generators
4 Top Domain and Blog Name Generators for Your Website
June 12, 2017
One of the first thing you always do when starting a website or a blog is to choose a name. This is important because many websites are as successful as their name allows. This is especially the case in regards to search engine optimization (SEO), so you want to make sure you get it right from the start. Changing your domain name later after the initial creation of your...