Gliffen Riffin’

Here at Gliffen Designs we need some inspo to create. Here is our “Gliffen riffin'” playlist with some jams that we’re currently listening to, to keep that creative flow going. We’re going to try to switch things up at least monthly because music can move and inspire us. Andy just came back a few weeks ago from a long road trip so he has some jammers from Vulfpeck and Bibio. Hailey has rifts ranging from Jeff Buckley to Orquestra Akokan. Heather loves her some new finds on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert like Darlingside and Dan Auerbach. Rachael’s picks are inspired by Summer live music concerts, including Jackson Hole Live and one in Nashville. Ryley chose songs you can enjoy both in the office and while driving along the Teton range. This month, Gliffen riffin’ offers you alternative, funk, and Kanye (he visited Jackson ya know) so chances are you will find something that suits your fancy.