Custom Database Systems

Every company has different needs when managing their business and most of the time they need to compromise their desired processes to fit the software that is available. This is where a custom database system can help. We create custom database applications that are tailored to work the way your business needs them to, not the other way around. A custom system can be used to manage your clients, your processes, your data, your inventory or any aspect of your business.

Examples of Custom Database Applications

Customer Relationships

Manage your client data exactly how it works for your business. No need to bottle your processes into what Salesforce or Zoho think works best.

Custom Database Management

Does your business have data it relies on to get the job done? We can develop a management program to clean, organize and optimize your data.

Non-standard E-commerce

Not all e-commerce operations fit the standard model of browse, cart, checkout. We can develop systems that fit the process you need.

Member Access Systems

We can help develop systems that mange user access to proprietary data allowing you to enforce subscriptions or protect your data from outside eyes.

The Advantages of Our Web Based Systems

Nothing to install. One of the greatest advantages to a web-based application is that they are hardware independent. This means that you can use any computer to access your program so long as it has an internet connection. There is nothing to install or setup. All you will need is an internet browser and you will be ready to work securely with your data.

Unlimited processing power. Storage of any of our custom systems happens in the cloud. This means that we can scale the servers up or down as your needs change and your business grows.

Easy modification. Business needs change over time and you will need your web application to change to match. Our systems are easily changed and upgraded over time to add new features.

Access from Anywhere. Access your critical business information from anywhere on the planet.

Automation. There are a ton of business operations that employees may need to do on a daily basis, from inventory updates to reporting functions. All of these take valuable time and resources that can add up. With a custom database system, we can automate many of these items, saving you time and money and keeping your staff focused on more important things.

Integrations. Is your data distributed between a bunch of systems? We can help integrate all of them together and create a single point of access. When the systems can communicate, your efficiency grows.

COVID-19 Update from the Gliffen Team

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