Website Design Rates & Billing Information


Website Design Rates and Other Rates

We bill all of our time-based services on an hourly basis. Our rates vary by service. The table below lists all of our current hourly rates for services.

  • Graphic Design: $48
    • All graphic work including logos, business cards, brochures and other identity products. Also includes initial flat file graphic layout for websites.
  • Website Design: $58
    • Template and theme creation, page layout, mobile responsive design, website testing, and SEO services
  • Technical Support: $58
    • Email setup, training, breach recovery and other general tech support issues.
  • Photo and Video Editing/Shooting: $65
    • On site or studio photo or video shoots, post photo or video shoot editing and processing
  • Consulting: $60
    • Project planning, meetings and other general consulting services
  • Content Writing: $58
    • Blogging, website content writing, marketing materials.
  • Web Development: $72
    • PHP, MySql and JavaScript programming
  • Search and Display Marketing (Monthly Cost)
    • The greater value: Starting at $350 per month (under $3000 in marketing costs) or 12% of total marketing cost (above $3000 a month in marketing costs).

We do provide a few standard non-hourly services. These services are billed on an annual basis on the first of the year. Services will automatically renew unless otherwise requested. For hosting, the plan you will need will be determined based on an initial consultation. As your site traffic grows, it may be necessary to upgrade your account to the next level.

  • Domain Registration: $17/yr
  • Shared Hosting
    • Basic: $8/mo
    • Advanced: $20/mo
  • VPS Hosting
    • Level 1: $60/mo
    • Level 2: $100/mo
    • Level 3: $180/mo
  • SSL Certificates: $60/yr or market rate.

Billing Practices

Billing is done at the end of the month for all services rendered during the prior month. For specific pricing please see the details for that service or call our office today at 307-200-8999 to discuss further.

If you are interested in discussing a specific project we’d be happy to speak with you about your expectations so we can provide you with the most accurate estimate we possibly can.