Top Marketing Trends of 2023

It’s no mystery, these days marketing is either working for you… or it’s not. There is a gray area when it comes to your marketing strategies success. We’ll always have wavering results with our campaigns, that’s a given. Some strategies work, some don’t and you will definitely see this in your analytics. But when it comes to your approach and how you deliver your brand, it’s necessary to try things until you find your lane. So on with it then, what are the top trends happening now and into 2024 that will help keep you and your brand on the leading edge of success? Here are few, let’s break them down.

1. Content is King

This has never changed. I hate to tell you but your content is everything. There are lots and lots of videographers, photographers, and influencers out there to take pictures and help either come up with ideas or come up with ideas on how to deliver your brand to your audience but the content they deliver has to be true to your brand. If it is, and the product just isn’t something the consumer wants, then you’ve actually done your job and it just so happens, your product wasn’t in demand. That’s ok because if you apply the same process to another idea, it could turn out to be a winner and then, then you’ve already got your content down and your delivery solid so your business can grow with your customers vs launching a business and trying to do marketing as an after thought. So get your content in order and how it’s going to look and be launched before jumping the gun and making your business public ahead of establishing your brand and it’s marketing strategies.

2. AI Is Helpful and Not Going Away

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, AI is here to stay. We love it too much and it’s actually showing signs of helping us complete tasks in a timely manner that would otherwise take us hours. This article for instance is one that AI can’t write. Here is a conversation I had with ChatGPT on this very topic. Check out the answer:

Me: What are the top marketing trends of 2023?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, so I can’t provide specific details about marketing trends in 2023.

No cheating here that’s for sure but you really wouldn’t want to copy and paste ChatGPT’s answer all of the time anyways. A great way to use AI as a tool is to have it write the article or content you need and then use that as a guide to write or design your own stuff. AI is an awesome jumping point and can help spark ideas that can pull you ahead of your competition.

3. Social Platforms: Don’t Overload

So many times we see business and large scale companies load up on social platforms for SEO and organic reach. But the truth is, signing up for these platforms is easy but maintaining them is a completely different story. The worst thing you can do is have accounts on too many social platforms and you only update and maintain one or two of them. If you’re not going to keep up with postings and content across all of your platforms then don’t even sign up. As soon as you open an account you’re visible to search engines and data scraping from users looking up stuff online. If you have an account that has either old or outdated content or has no content, then you may be losing potential sales and customers from it. So best rule here is to not overload yourself and maintain just a few channels well. Your audience will appreciate it and you’ll most likely see that result in your sales and reach.

4. Continue to Move and Groove

Now that you have your marketing plan down, you can start taking data and make changes as needed based on your analytics. No one is really going to have a sure fire idea on exactly what content to put out or how it should go but that’s marketing. You need to really know your product, your audience and your delivery. You’ll see what works and what doesn’t in your data, just be sure to make the changes when needed. A lot of folks get overwhelmed with the daily duties and tasks of marketing their business on top of having to run the business. You wear many hats but it’s import to never skimp on marketing. You’ll be thankful you kept up with it when sales are on the rise.

So all in all, these 4 areas of marketing are pretty much set in stone to help you from here until you decide to stop marketing your brand or business. Content will always be king and your biggest asset to your brand. Don’t stray away from AI just because you saw, “i,Robot,” there are some great functions to AI that can help you either complete your task or guide you by giving you ideas to expand on. It truly can be a time saver. Social platforms are a must when it comes to digital marketing just don’t go overboard. Let your audience know where they can find you and be sure to maintain those channels or else your audience will lose interest. Last but not least, once you launch your plan, keep an eye on it. Take a look at your data and make moves when and where necessary. Have fun with it even though it can be frustrating and never spread your marketing budget thin.