WordPress Website Design

WordPress has been established as a leading website platform and at Gliffen Designs, we have fully embraced this platform for a majority of the websites we build. A custom wordpress website design gives you all of the flexibility you need to have a beautiful website design coupled with the functionality that fits the exact needs of your business. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the customization that makes this platform work for you. No more trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Custom WordPress Themes

Your brand is important and it is important that your website fits that brand. We build our wordpress themes from the ground up. We start from graphic design programs to put all of the pieces together in the exact way that matches what you need. From there, we program a theme that matches that design perfectly.

Custom Post Types

We take advantage of Custom Post Types in order to organize and optimize your specific services or product offerings. Custom post types ensure that the specific variables that define your product or service are able to be highlighted. These data points can be used to control search algorithms, listings and the display of the product or service.

WordPress Plugins

A huge advantage of a WordPress websites design is the plugins. Everything from Search engine optimization to E-commerce can be added to a site through the use of WordPress plugins. We have the experience to know which plugins will be the right fit for your business.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting for a website is as important as the design itself. At Gliffen we can provide a customized hosting environment built to make your wordpress website design run smooth and fast. We can also provide the ongoing checkups to ensure your site stays secure.

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