News and Announcements
New Eko Flood USA website has launched
May 25, 2011
We have just recently launched a new layout for Eko Flood USA, a worldwide flood systems provider. Eko headquarters in Jackson, Wyoming but provides flood solutions all over the USA and in Europe. They help protect communities, businesses and cities from major flood disasters. Eko has also installed the largest and longest floodwall in the world!Check out the new website here:
E-Commerce For Retails Stores :: Problems and Resolutions
April 20, 2011
E-commerce is becoming a more popular idea for retail stores however there are certain issues that present themselves for a retail store. The main issue is with regard to inventory and making sure that orders can be fulfilled in a timely manner. Keeping your online inventory current and in stock is critical to developing good customers that will continue to purchase.In today's world online consumers expect their orders to...
Why Your Business Needs a Website.
April 14, 2011
    Since the early 90's computers have become increasingly relied upon for all manner of business. Since that time businesses both small and large have realized the very real and very lucrative potential the internet provides. Whether a business is based in services or goods the first impression a business makes on it customers is no longer controlled by the door to door salesmen, the smooth talking well dressed...
Our Newest Website Has Launched
February 11, 2011
We have recently launched a new site for Distinctive Journeys travel agency. Check out their new look at As always we are eager to hear your feedback!!!
Rant against bloat-ware
November 7, 2010
A brief venting of frustration against bloat-ware. Bloat-wear is a set of files making up a program that far exceed the needs of said program. In short it is a program that uses 4000+ files to create a simple shopping cart website. In this case referring to Zen-cart free e-commerce software. Out of the box this program has over 3000 files which together eat a massive amount of server space and...