Introduction to Marketing with Mailchimp

Thanks to all that joined the workshop “Introduction to Marketing with Mailchimp.” We wanted to share with you Heather’s presentation that you can refer to as well as her handout and Heather’s notes.

Mailchimp is meant to be a tool to reach your audience, customers and potential customers. Let’s use the tools available to us with a better understanding of how they can work for your business or organization. The presentation below will outline an introduction of how you can use Mailchimp to market effectively.

Some key points:

  • Stay in touch with your audience
  • Increase your “followship” and “readership” on social media
  • Showcase products/services that you offer
  • Utilize the Automation emails to Thank your new subscribers, capture those Abandoned Carts (e-commerce)
  • Lead audience back to your website – measure that with Google Analytics
  • Keep your templates interesting, have 3 to switch up from time to time
  • Keep your emails easy to read and digestible, refer to the your website to read more

» Introduction to Marketing with Mailchimp (Handout) with Heather’s notes

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