Gliffen Designs’ Workshops

Gliffen Designs is sponsoring free workshops at our office south of town!

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Photoshop for Web

Wednesday, June 7th, 5pm-6pm, Mike Cavaroc

This workshop will cover Photoshop’s strengths and weaknesses, free alternatives to Photoshop, how to save in different file formats and resolutions, how to crop, resize and touch-up photos, how to work in layers, how to save for web, and how to work in black and white vs color.

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Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Thursday, June 15th, 5pm-6pm, Heather Devine

This workshop will cover what Facebook is and why it is so prominent. Heather will show you how it can be a useful marketing tool, give some pointers on time and dedication, and also show you how to utilize Facebook to increase traffic to your website.

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More Workshops To Come:

Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimization


Email Marketing


Social Media as a Marketing Tool Cont.