3 More Free Workshops on WordPress, Mailchimp & Tips and Tricks from Web Designers

We are ready to go with 3 more of our free workshops! After reviewing the results from our survey, we decided to provide a variety of topics and focus in as we go. We are going to continue on with three more workshops with WordPress, Mailchimp and Tips & Tricks from Web Designers.

more free workshops

Our workshops will be roughly about 1/2 hour presentation and then another 1/2 hour of questions and answers. They will take place from 5 to 6PM at the Gliffen Designs office at 4125 S Hwy 89 Office #1, Jackson, Wy 83001.

We will continue to provide the free workshops throughout the summer, covering topics including Google Adwords, WordPress, Hootsuite, other Social Media platforms, Search Engine Optimization, ECommerce, and Email Marketing.

You can sign up for the various workshops on our workshop page. Our next workshop, WordPress, will be on June 27th from 5 to 6pm.