Writer’s Block: Gliffen Designs Now Does Content Writing!

Writer’s block is a pain. We have a potential cure.

Gliffen Designs is happy to announce that we will now be providing content writing as one of the many services in our arsenal. Adding the meat to the site can be just as challenging as writing the code for the site to work. We get it.

When you struggle to put your ideas down on paper, the launch of your website is delayed, potentially costing you loss of revenue. You also seem to get a lot of phone calls from your web designer, constantly asking for content.

By allowing one of our writers to research your company and the type of content you would like presented on your website, you have skirted around that pesky writer’s block that has been bugging you since grade school.

Speaking of grade school, a quick note on one of our content writers: Mel is a former grammar-infused grade school student with an encouraging 6th-grade creative writing teacher, a couple of education degrees, and plenty of research experience. While she does not claim to be the editor of the NY Times, she certainly strives to use correct writing mechanics and to write engaging and informative material as much as possible.writer's block
If you would like to add a little more spunk to your site or just need some help getting your ideas out, consider asking Gliffen for some help with your content writing.