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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is a crucial step in making your business more visible online.  Having an amazing website is a great start but it is not enough. Your website needs to be discoverable by people looking for the services you provide. Your website being discoverable on search engines like google is a necessity in this day and age.

Less than 10% of people using Google search will travel passed the first page of results, and the top organic result drives 33% of clicks on any given search which proves just how important search engine ranking is. The battle for the top spot, or even getting on the first page of a search engine result is tough. Luckily at Gliffen we have the SEO services to help boost your search engine ranking for keywords that matter to your business as well as making sure that the individual pages on your site are optimized to their highest potential.

You need to improve your website’s SEO if

  • Your website isn’t being found on search engines
  • Your website traffic has decreased, and you can’t identify any specific reason
  • You lead volume has declined
  • You just had a new website built and your looking to ramp up traffic

We optimize your website with SEO best practices

Keyword Research & Strategy:

We can boost your website’s search rankings for specific keywords. We review which keywords your website currently ranks for and perform additional keyword research to determine what additional keywords your website can rank for. This will keep you competitive on search engine results you currently rank for and put you in the competition for keywords you haven’t considered yet.

Technical SEO

Your website needs to be more than eye catching, it needs to be easily crawlable by search engine bots. We can build or update your existing website to increase its crawlability and in turn increase your page rankings.

Unique Content

Content that sets you apart from your competitors not only stands out to your audience but also to crawlers. Content creation is a great way to inform your audience about your services but also include more of the keywords necessary to get you to the top of the search engine results page

Other SEO optimizations we do but are not limited to

  • Keywords
  • Site Navigation
  • Page Titles
  • Page Descriptions
  • Metadata
  • Page Headings
  • Image Alt text
  • Internal links

Already have great SEO but still want more traffic to your site?  Check out our Search and Display Marketing services or social media marketing services which involve the use of Google Ads and social media outlets to boost traffic to your site and garner more business.

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