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At Gliffen we are able to meet all of your needs with Google ads set up and management. When managed by a professional, google ads can bring many benefits to your business; data about your customers, data about your competitors, brand awareness and most importantly sales and leads. Reaping all of these benefits takes knowledge and experience.

Many business owners are not sure if google ads are right for their business; we get a lot of questions such as “Will this help my business? Will it negatively impact my organic traffic? Are google ads expensive?”. First allow us to say that Google ads will help your business, Google ads will not negatively impact your business’ organic traffic and the profits outweigh the cost. Google ads will bring its own group of clientele to your business and indirectly add to your preexisting marketing campaigns, more on that later. Below we will briefly detail some of the benefits of google ads.

Audience Targeting

Most marketing campaigns are like highway side billboards, they are advertising to everybody in hopes they get a few interested parties. The problem with this method is that you learn nothing about your customer base, and you don’t know if people used your services because of your ad or their own diligent research. Google ads are more like placing a nutritional poster at the entrance of a gym, people who go to the gym are more likely to have an interest in nutrition. If you are not sure who your target audience is, a marketer can help you find out. By reviewing the user data gathered from your “untargeted” ads we can learn what demographic or interest group should be the most interested in your ads; from there we can further adjust the ads to target that group making your ads extremely effective.

Indirectly Boost Organic Traffic From Branding

Google has confirmed that they do not support organic results based on paid ads in any way. Still, many marketing companies have wondered why their organic traffic increases when they are running search engine marketing campaigns and why traffic decreases when they stop. After many tests and surveys many marketing researchers came to a similar conclusion, the cause is branding familiarity. Customers often do not take immediate action upon seeing an ad but remember seeing the brand name or product to an extent. When this happens they do research at a more convenient time, and because they have seen the brand name before there is a sense of “I’ve heard of this brand before” which creates trust. This effect has been seen with each of Google’s varying campaigns with varying improvement of organic traffic.

Here is an example our own experience with this effect. One of our clients requested to start using Google ads in 2017. Not only did they get more clientele from the ads but their organic

sample of google ads impact
sample of google ads impact

Ads Management Pricing


  • under $3000 in monthly ad spend


  • Above $3000 in monthly ad spend

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