Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Your Business in 2021

This year: Twenty Twenty-one is a rather anticipated year for us all. With a new year ahead it is a “clean-slate” to get this right. Look, no one could have possibly anticipated a global pandemic was in store for us this year and with it the impact of your businesses. We’ve learned a lot about how we can pivot and keep our doors opened. Here are a Top 5 list of things to consider this new year in approaching your business goals.

1. Assess your Goals for the New Year

Now’s the time to look at your business goals and re-assess what are achievable this New Year. There are many things to consider in getting your business more online. Most brick and mortars have had it rough in 2020 with social distancing and other safety policies but with an online presence distance is already built in, keeping your staff and your patrons safe.

2. Discover Business Resources

Discover the resources you have available to you from the county and state to see what financial assistance you can get a handle on. Some assistance is contingent on what you spend the funds on. It could be allocated to marketing efforts or your website even. Your Chamber of Commerce and state Business Council non-profits have stepped in to offer funds to get you right back on track.

3. Revisit your Website

If you had a website before the pandemic you might find it’s purpose has changed ten-fold on what it can do for your business. Most website platforms can serve as a place that holds information on your product or services so your patrons can browse and make their choice. Now amid a pandemic, websites can serve as a way for folks to order take-out or delivery orders with restaurants as well as selling goods and services by purchasing immediately. The “bells and whistles” can be turned on to make your website work best for you and your staff.

4. Research Third-Party Solutions

Okay, so not all websites can do everything for you. Third-party solutions are put into the mix to make bookings or purchases easier for your patrons, not to mention easier for your bookkeeping and your instructors or staff.

Here at Gliffen we have an arsenal of solutions we use for clients with their multitude of needs. To name a few third-party solutions we help research, setup and maintain: Shopify, Mindbody, MassageBook, EveryAction, Vonigo, NiceJob, Guestcentric, etc.

Capterra is a great tool to narrow the scope of third-party solutions with extensive reviews.

5. New Marketing Strategy

Gliffen can exam your presence online and how to better reach your audience to increase engagement, followers and ultimately sales. J.P. Morgan examined how people are spending their money right now and the numbers are staggering. More people are spending money on essential items like food, toilet paper, and coffee to name a few. Re-examining how people are consuming helps guide strategy when marketing to your audience. We’ve all had to pivot how we do business to meet the moment we are in.

So there you have it, our Top 5 resolutions to consider in starting this new year of possibilities for your business. No matter the direction you take, take a deep breathe and know we are all in this together. Fill out our Request a Quote form and let’s get started on your New Year goals.

COVID-19 Update from the Gliffen Team

Amid the concern of the COVID-19 virus, the Gliffen Team is still operating in the office sporadically and remotely and performing all services as usual with the exception of in-person meetings. Please fill out our Gliffen Meeting Poll so our team can get a meeting on the calendar as soon as we can.

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