Olympus Professional Dictation

Olympus’ Audio division came to Gliffen back in 2017 for assistance with several graphic design and content writing needs including product sell sheets and layouts for other printed materials. Since then our relationship with Olympus has grown quite a bit with larger projects such as promotional video production, digital advertising, email marketing, website re-design, and development and improvement of databases and website functions. A hero video and homepage re-design for the current Olympus Professional Dictation website are two of our most recent large projects that we have completed. The hero video features rotational product shots that we did using an Olympus camera, as well as some Olympus footage cut in.

Another project that we completed for Olympus was a branding video highlighting their microphones and recorders using a mixture of their in-house stock footage, the product rotational shots we captured and animated graphics/text.

In addition to the video for the branding campaign we also created display ads, here are a few of the more recent display ads that we have put together: