What good is a strong brand logo to your business?

How your strong brand logo can make the differencestrong brand logo

A strong brand and logo can undoubtedly influence a consumer’s decision on whether it’s a good idea to purchase your products or services. This is even more so when the consumer has no prior experience or information concerning your company.

It’s all about packaging, and with a well-packaged brand logo, you have a better chance of proving your quality to potential customers. If your brand doesn’t ooze professionalism or at least hint your business is capable of delivering on services, consumers are likely to opt for a competitor with better branding.

Below are some more of the benefits you get from a well-branded logo;

Logos are a very effective communication tool

A well-designed logo can convey lots of valuable information about your business and for what it stands. A logo can carry both emotional and intellectual attributes about your company for everyone to see. These characteristics will remain embedded in the logo and become part of the building blocks of your business’s reputation.

The logo can either be a word, a letter, or design. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s instantly recognizable by individuals from all walks of life. For example, the BMW logo is recognizable to most people regardless of their native language.

Logos make your brand easily differentiable from others

An absolutely unique logo will make it easier for your customers to pick you out of a market teaming with other brands. As an efficient tool of commercial communication, logos are designed to grab the attention of a customer and make your brand’s products and services stand out.

If a customer has seen your logo once before, it shouldn’t be a problem for that same client to identify it again.

Logos make it easier to market your business on the internet

When searching for your brand online, the first thing customers will look for is your identifiable logo, followed by your brand name. When your logo is easily discernible, a customer is less likely to fall prey to a copycat brand who is trying to leech off the success of your business. The point is, a solid logo heightens brand recognition.

A trademarked logo is a valuable asset.

As a business grows and succeeds over a period, so will its brand. Its brand name and logo will become household symbols that other firms will want to use to market or garner publicity for their products.

Thus, if your awesome brand logo has gathered enough fame on its own, you can market that popularity to generate more revenue for your company.

According to Brendan Wilde, Marketing Manager at Umbrellar Cloud, “Three distinctive features are important in the image of a modern day business – its brand name, its domain name, and its logo. If these three identifying features are poorly designed or ineffectual, a business risks being faceless and indistinguishable from its competitors…”

Like diamonds, logos can live forever

Your brand’s logo can go on to live forever and can become a badge of assurance in different verticals and new markets. Some of the world’s most recognized logos have been around for over a century, such as that of Mercedes-Benz or Coca-Cola.

strong brand logoThis is not an exhaustive list of what your business stands to gain from an effective logo. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that the right logo can cement you in the hearts of customers for years to come.

Features a strong logo should have for your brand to get the best benefit

Now that you know your company logo can prove to be a critical asset let’s look at what features your logo should have to set it apart from others.

This is important to avoid you wasting money and other resources designing a logo that’s too close to one that already exists or one that’s ineffectual and doesn’t suit the image you’ve envisioned for your company.

Originality: It is best your logo’s design is not in any way an imitation of an already existing one. A logo that seems like an imitation is capable of sullying the reputation of your company both because of legal proceedings that could be started by the owner of the allegedly copied logo and because consumers will not appreciate the deception.

A good logo should create a distinctive visual identity for your brand that makes your business stand apart from its competitors. While it’s not completely unheard of for a logo’s design to be inspired by the design of another brand’s logo, it is best that upon completion, your logo bears no resemblance to the source of inspiration.

Relevance: Regardless how colorful, original, and expressive your logo is, it will be all for naught if the logo doesn’t appeal to its intended audience.

When creating a logo for a clothing company that makes outfits for children, colors and a childishly playful font can be appropriate. However, the same formula won’t be suitable if the logo is for a clothing company focused on sexy female outfits. Thus, the company’s values and objectives, as well as the intended audience should be kept in mind while designing a logo to ensure it properly sells the intended brand.

Unforgettable and Timeless: A logo should be able to create a permanent impression that will last for ages to come in the mind of all those who see it. Simply put, a logo shouldn’t be seasonal, it should be forever.

Versatile: A logo should be versatile enough to be presentable across various platforms, ranging from billboards to websites to T-shirts.

To be usable in various channels and different scenarios, a logo needs to be scalable and be able to look good regardless of the medium it’s presented as. This means features such as font, color, and ratio should be kept in mind during the design stage of a logo.

Guest blog by James Cummings