Marketing Tools: The Future of SEO

In doing a little light reading, I stumbled across an article on Search Engine Land entitled “3 predictions about the future of SEO.” It was a short, catchy title so I decided to read on.

There were three little bullets about how to plan your marketing techniques for the future of SEO. The author was predicting that search engine optimization was going to get more challenging, especially for marketing teams, who have to figure out how to engage the customer in creative ways.

future of seoIn short, if you are not engaging your users, you will lose out. SEO looks at the traffic to your website and so should you. So…change your content to engage your users and make sure to be looking over your analytics.

Secondly, make sure to have some super fast mobile pages because mobile access is already surpassing desktop access. Search engines are already ranking pages based on the two methods of internet access separately. So if you want to show up first on the list for mobile devices, your web page needs to load fast.

Lastly, search engines are already using artificial intelligence to rank pages and determine what pages show first. Computers will generally rankings from algorithms and adjust based on engagement and experience. Hence, you will need to fine tune each page more individually to make it more personal to your target audience, increasing their engagement, and thus increasing its SEO rank.

Search engine optimization is one of many marketing tools at your disposal. But to rank high in organic results, you need to focus on your content and figure out ways to get links back to your site. Google employs these two techniques, in addition to their artificial intelligence RankBrain, to rank pages, according to this Search Engine Watch article. We also found a blog at WebPresenceSolutions that looks at trends for 2017 and pointed out a plethora of SEO statistics that may further encourage you to examine your SEO efforts.

In short, while social media efforts, correspondence campaigns, paid online advertising and other avenues of marketing are extremely beneficial to growing your company, we are suggesting that you don’t negate your SEO efforts. Continue to update your website and engage your audience in more creative ways. If you want some ideas of how, give us a shout at Gliffen!