Visiting Jackson Hole: Tourist Questions, Locals Answer

Visiting Jackson Hole: Locals Answer All!

We wanted to step back from our usual blogs about marketing, social media and website design to answer some questions about our hometown, Jackson Hole.

Over the years, we have heard some extremely interesting questions from tourists. We decided to probe a few other locals to get a complete list of questions that tourists might have while visiting Jackson Hole. We appreciate everyone’s question contributions to this! Gliffen Designs has taken it upon itself to answer them and to fully prepare our visitors for their stay, to even help them blend in a bit…

  • Where is the hole?

The hole is the valley that the town of Jackson sits in. You can see it from the sky. It’s called Jackson Hole. There are mountains on three sides of us and a geologically active park called Yellowstone to the north.

  • At what time does the light on the Tetons get turned on?

The light on the Tetons is called the Sun. The light on the Tetons gets turned on at sunrise. The light on the Tetons at night is called the Moon. Full moons produce more light, making the Tetons more visible.

  • What are those piles of dirt coming into town (someone driving in at dark)?

Mountains. Do the same drive in the morning and you will see “the piles of dirt”.

  • Does that rock touch the bottom of the river?

Yes. Our rocks, like all rocks, have gravity. Rocks do not float.

  • How deep do the rocks go?

Rocks come in different sizes. They sit on the bottom of the river. Our mountains are connected to the Earth’s mantle.

  • Will we float back to where we started/will you row us back to where we started?

No. Rivers do not flow in circles. They flow down from their sources. You will end up downstream from where you started. Furthermore, to paddle up-river would be insane and extremely tiring.

  • If we miss the take out on the whitewater river trip, will we end up in the Pacific Ocean?

Nope. You will end up in the Palisades and will eventually float to the Palisades Dam. Yes, they both start with a “p”, but they are different masses of water.

  • Where can I see a Jackalope?

You can’t. A Jackalope is a myth. There are no rabbits with antlers in Wyoming.

  • Where can I pet the animals in Grand Teton National Park?

Unless you want to end up in the obituary section of the JH News and Guide, you can not pet the animals. They are wild. They are not caged. They are not pets. Would you pet the lions on a African Safari? No, so do not try to pet them here.

  • What time do they let the animals out at night?

They are wild animals. Animals come out when they want to. They are not in cages and we do not let them out. They are always out.

  • What time is feeding time?

We do not feed animals. They feed themselves. They eat when they are hungry. The only exception is when we feed the elk on the Elk Refuge in the winter-contact our Boy Scouts to find out when they drop the hay.

  • Where is the feed for the animals?

We do not have feed for the animals. They find their own food. They are wild, untamed, and un-caged. Think Jurassic Park without dinosaurs.

  • At what elevation do elk turn into moose?

While elk and moose are both a part of the Cervidae family, they are completely different animals. The answer: Elk never turn into moose.

Moose are tall, dark and handsome with antlers that are hand-shaped.
  • At what elevation do deer become elk?

While elk and deer are both a part of the Cervidae family, they are completely different animals. The answer: Deer never turn into elk.

Deer are small and have light-colored necks and white butts.
  • When do elk lose their antlers and become deer?

Elk lose their antlers in the spring, but NEVER BECOME DEER! They are separate species.

Visiting jackson hole
Elk are about the size of a horse full-grown with a dark-colored neck.


  • When do Buffalo lose their horns?

You can lose antlers but you cannot lose horns. Since American Buffalo AKA Bison have horns and not antlers, they never shed their horns.

  • What is the white stuff on the mountains, Styrofoam?

Snow- likely in the form of a glacier.

  • How do you say Gros Ventre’s?

Gros Ventre is a French word. You basically drop the “s” and the “re” and say “Grow Vant.” It is not pronounced “gross vent-re”.

  • Where those trees alive once?

Yes. All trees were alive at one time. Things do not grow when they are dead.

  • What is there to do in Jackson Hole?

What would you like to do? We have it all…

I hope this clears a few things up. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at 307-200-8999 and we will attempt to keep a straight face when answering your questions.