G$ale – Point of Sale and E-Commerce System

G$ale is the next generation of e-commerce specifically designed for retail stores. The program includes both the point of sale features necessary for sales from the store counter as well as all the features for the online store.

The program was designed to overcome certain obstacles that we noticed many retails stores were running into when trying to launch a website to sell their inventory. Check our blog for a comprehensive look at the difficulties of an e-commerce website for retail stores. In Brief the main obstacle is inventory. With traditional e-commerce systems a retail store selling limited inventory items would have to update the web store on a daily basis in order to prevent selling items that may be out of stock. The alternative would be to not sell limited inventory items on the site but this can be very limiting depending on what is being sold.

G$ale offers a way to overcome this obstacle by using the same inventory in the store as on the website. This way as soon as a product is sold out of the store it is marked sold out on the web store.


G$ale completely eliminates any existing Point of Sale system that is in place for a 100% web based fully integrated solution. Here are some of the features currently included in the program;

  • Sale Maker: This is the point of sale portion of the program and includes the ability to search for products or simply add them to the sale via UPC scan. Also included is the ability to adjust item price, quantity, discount percentage, payment form and receipt printing.
  • Inventory Management and Organization: Items in the Inventory can be organized by any schematic you choose which will be reflected in the online store. Items can exist in multiple categories and the categories are unlimited in number and depth. As a result the system is capable of handling any type of product.
  • Product Information: The products of the store have a huge number of fields that can be entered to help in searching, reporting and tracking. Each product can have unlimited attributes (Small, Medium, Large or whatever the case may be) and have specific pricing and inventory tracking for each attribute. Also available for entry are; Manufacturer, Manufacturer Product Number, UPC Code, Internal Product Number, Product Name, Product Description, Product Materials Description, Product Images, and More. Most fields are optional but greater detail will allow for greater reporting and effectiveness for the website.
  • Time Clock: Track your employee’s time with a built in time clock.
  • Order Lookup and History: Search any order in the store history and see the exact details of the transaction.
  • Reporting: Build custom reports and save them in the system to quickly run in the future. Reports can include information on sales history, inventory on hand, tax collected, and many other data fields.
  • Google Integration: The system is automatically setup to feed your products and product information to Google store to help drive event more traffic to your site. The system is also fully integrated with Google analytics to give you the power of reporting on how your visitors are using your site in order to make improvements on structure, functionality and sales.
  • Google Product Data Integration: Integration goes both ways and one of the most daunting tasks of adding new inventory to a website is data entry. GSale is designed to lookup a product based on it’s barcode through Google shopping and automatically add the product details to your item. This will save you from entering title, description, model number, image and weight information for every product that is available via google shopping results
  • Purchase Order System: The purchase order system allows you to create orders to send to your suppliers, receive the orders and add them to your inventory. During receiving you have the option of changing product details to accommodate vendor changes.
  • Expense Tracking: Track all the expenses both paid and pending for your company from a single location. The expense tracking system allows you to categorize expenses into custom categories, and report on those expenses by custom date ranges.

In the Works

G$ale is an evolving program and many additional updates are scheduled to make an appearance over the next few months including

  • Customer Order History: A login area on the front end website that allows customers to view their order history and reorder products as desired
  • Inventory Import: Quickly download you entire store inventory modify it and re-upload to the system. This feature will allow you to edit the raw data of the program.
  • Up-sell Messages: Automatically show your web customers similar products, products other customers purchase and other messages that will help drive and increase your web sales.