Website Design Portfolio

Below is a list of a few of the websites we have designed. If you would like to see additional samples please feel free to contact us for a complete list.

Museum of the Mountain Man

Museum of the Mountain Man :: 2014

Museum of the Mountain Man in Pinedale, WY was looking to get a freshening up on their website. They were seeking a new look, a seamless shopping experience and an ease of highlighting events and publications. We provided them with a solution that was all self contained and easy to update at their leisure.

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Jackson Hole Real Estate Company

Jackson Hole Real Estate Company :: 2013

Jackson Hole Real Estate Company came to us looking to create a site similar for what worked with them in the past. We were able to create them a GCMS site that is particularly user friendly. The back-end of this website stores and organizes data on the market history while the front end is clean and well laid out for the user. 

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Jackson Hole Real Estate Search

Jackson Hole Real Estate Search :: 2013

For Jackson Hole Real Estate Search, we created a thorough site equipped with integrated google maps, a deep insight into each region's market history, and an inside look into the market for the visitor. For the outsider who doesn't know Jackson, WY as well, makes it much easier to explore the different parts of Jackson and make the right purchase.

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Bontecou Construction

Bontecou Construction :: 2013

 Bontecou Construction came to us looking to build a strong website to flaunt their beautiful residential and commercial projects. We built them a Wordpress website that is also mobile responsive. Gliffen was also able to give Bontecou Contruction a unique template for the homepage. 

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Aspen Leaf Marketing

Aspen Leaf Marketing :: 2013

 Aspen Leaf Marketing was looking for a simple yet catchy website to display their fishing gifts and collectables. Gliffen Designs implemented a Wordpress site with a custom commerce feature allowing for easy transactions and upkeep for our client. 

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Stockton & Shirk

Stockton & Shirk :: 2013

Stockton & Shirk, an interior design company local to Jackson, came to us looking to create a website that displayed their work in the same care and sophistication that they produce for their own clients. We implemented a scrolling gallery for their portfolio that is easy for the customer to navigate. 

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Shogun Sushi

Shogun Sushi :: 2013

Shogun Sushi can to Gliffen looking for an update on their website while maintaining their authentic Japanese atmosphere. We implemented a scrolling banner to show off various aspects of their restaurant as well as clearly displaying their full menu. Shogun Sushi's website was done on Wordpress so that it was easier for the client to maintain. 

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Callaway Cloud Consulting

Callaway Cloud Consulting :: 2013

Callaway Cloud Consulting are a Salesforce consulting team based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We implemented a one page Wordpress website that scrolls smoothly through each section.

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Sothebys Singing Trees

Sothebys Singing Trees :: 2012

Mercedes Huff from Sotheby's came to us looking to highlight a specific property called Singing Trees in Wilson, WY. This property is happily situated on 33.76 acres nestled among mature conifers and aspen trees, on a lake complete with a sandy beach, just twenty minutes from the town of Jackson Hole. The property is subdivided into four parcels giving it potential for a family compound or conservation easements.

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Serenity, Inc.

Serenity, Inc. :: 2012

Serenity, Inc is a General Contracting Company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 2005 along with a new location in Park City, Utah. They focus on Commercial Construction, Residential Building, and Land Development. Their website was developed with Wordpress to provide the most current information on the growth of their business.

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Kreo Art

Kreo Art :: 2012

Kreo Art was seeking out a website that evoked a clean and confident look. We implemented Kreo with a customized GCMS that allowed for them to update their main slideshow, artist gallery areas, and auto populated artists navigation. These customizations allowed for Kreo to have ful control over which artists they were interested in showcasing at any given time.

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DanShelley Jewelers

DanShelley Jewelers :: 2012

DanShelley Jewelers of Jackson Hole has a unique collection of jewelry from select stones, diamonds, gold, rubies and pearls. So naturally when they were looking for a fresh redesign to their website they wanted something with simplicity and class. We designed their website with a very rustic barnwood background and a very clean white foreground to present their one-of-a-kind jewelry. Their website was development with GCMS, our in-house content management system solution.

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One to One Wellness

One to One Wellness :: 2012

One to One Wellness has a lot of changes this June, with a new location on High School Rd. and a new website along with it. Their new site is more interactive, with written articles on Wellness, with different categories like: Benchmark Workouts, Workouts, Nutrition, ChiRunning and Stretches. They are more engaging in the social media world, creating new classes, workshops and clinics. One to One Wellness is hoping to create an enticing dialogue within the community through their new site. Their website was developed with Wordpress to provide the most up-to-date information on your wellness.

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Wyoming Boulder Company

Wyoming Boulder Company :: 2012

Wyoming Boulder Company was discovered in western Wyoming, providing granite stone from the Wind River Mountain Range. Their boulders are the creation of numerous geologic processes spanning the history of the earth to present day. Their website was development with GCMS, our in-house content management system solution.

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All American Wood Register

All American Wood Register :: 2012

All American Wood Register offers premium quality wood products — heating and air registers and vent covers. They have various products in over 60 species of wood to best match your home. They have been an industry leader for the past 40 years with exceptional customer service where personalized attention has become a thing of the past for most of their competitors.

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Jackson Cardinal Flies

Jackson Cardinal Flies :: 2012

Jackson Cardinal Flies has been the leader in the fly fishing industry since 1978, continually producing high quality hand tied flies at affordable prices. Now they offer over 400,000 dozen flies to our customers and have a GSale integration to help manage her site more constructively and to provide faster service and order fulfillment for their clientele.

Click Here to view site. :: 2012 was founded in 1996, and continuely operating retail knitting, crochet, and spinning supply store. Their new website is newly integrated with their Wordpress blog to provide easy answers through their FAQ page, Specials & Promotions and Free Patterns area. Their e-commerce site has been given a facelift, to improve their customers user experience. The site is more condensed with relevant imagery and easy to navigate buttons. The blog works as a way to navigate their customers to specials they are having, new sale items, their policies, etc. continues to improve their functionality to best meet their customers needs.

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Teton Orthopaedics

Teton Orthopaedics :: 2012

Teton Orthpaedics came to Gliffen Designs looking to rebuild their website with updated current information. Teton Orthopaedics is known for having some of the very best Orthopaedics in Wyoming practicing in specific fields so you are ensured to have some of the best care possible. There are 9 locations across Wyoming and 5 specialists in their Jackson Hole location. We developed a WordPress site for them to ensure up-to-date information and services to their patients. 

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Jackson Hole Marathon

Jackson Hole Marathon :: 2012

Jackson Hole Marathon Events is on their 2nd Annual in 2012 and they wanted to have a website dedicated specifically to their events. Their website needed to be informative and easy to access via mobile phone, with the most up-to-date information on the events, how to register, and how to stay connected through social networks. We developed a customized Wordpress site for Jackson Hole Marathon, providing them to easily make changes to the website at their leisure.

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Inside Out Landscape Architecture

Inside Out Landscape Architecture :: 2012

Allison Fluery with Inside Out Landscape Architecture was looking for a new look and feel for her website to best represent her business. Allison has various projects she's completed over the years that she wanted to showcase in the best possible light with her Portfolio area. Her Portfolio was put together with a dynamic photo gallery - giving a fresh presentation. Her website was development with GCMS, our in-house content management system solution.

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Jackson Whole Family Health

Jackson Whole Family Health :: 2012

Jackson Whole Family Health is a Family Practice and Urgent Care clinic in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They were looking for a website that would evoke their office - a clean and inviting approach. Charlotte Mason and Kerry Carr were both incredibly involved in the development of this site, they both shared enthusiasm to put together a site that would provide their  patients with the information and the care they need. Their website was development with GCMS, our in-house content management system solution.

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Mountain Weather Mobile

Mountain Weather Mobile :: 2012

We put together a new mobile version of and it made perfect sense. The main reason was, well weather happens outside and people are on the go and can access anything online with their phones or other devices very quickly. The mobile version is formatted to fit your mobile device, giving you access to the information you want that much quicker. This option made a lot more sense rather than an App, because not all Apps are compatible with all devices, by simply bookmarking this site, visitors can access it easily without downloading anything. No more "pinching" or "scrolling" to find the relevant information, the mobile version makes visiting friendlier. Enjoy!

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Krikor Architecture

Krikor Architecture :: 2012

Gregory Mason teamed up with us to explore the most effective way to present his architectural projects. We worked together to come up with a unique website layout that most reflects Krikor Architecture's style and presentation. We implemented GCMS to this layout allowing Gregory to make changes to content and images corresponding with the different projects that make up the site.

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Jackson Hole Reservations

Jackson Hole Reservations :: 2011

We implemented our GCMS along with a newly developed online reservation system. This enabled their company to access and manage all reservations and vacation properties as needed. Jackson Hole Reservations has all properties from all property management companies in the Jackson Hole area listed on their site, making Jackson Hole Reservations the authoriative vacation rental property management company in the Jackson area.

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Village Cafe

Village Cafe :: 2011

The Village Cafe is a cafe/bar in Teton Village that has been around since 2000.  The VC has been needing a website to act as their central hub - a place for people to check out events coming up, photos from past events, see what music the bartenders are streaming and specials that they have going on. They are at the base of Jackson Hole Resort, right of the tram. The VC is a perfect place to rest between runs down the mountain.

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Sotheby's Indian Springs Ranch

Sotheby's Indian Springs Ranch :: 2011

Mercedes Huff from Sotheby's came to us looking to highlight a specific property called Indian Springs Ranch at 190 South Swan Road in Jackson. This stunning property is exquisite, sophisticated and happily situated on 15 acres of private land in Indian Springs. We hightlighted this property with a clean look that tied in with the overall ambiance of the property. We used our shadowbox slideshow to allow for high-resolution viewing of the property images.

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Joe Tondro-Smith

Joe Tondro-Smith :: 2011

 Joe Tondro-Smith came to us with a design layout for his website and an idea on how he envisioned the functionality. We helped him connect the dots by integrating our GCMS application with the Slideshow Manager add-on. It was fun to see the website piece itself together with our application and the quarky design work of Joe. You will notice that we went with a horizontal slideshow display - which helps keep the website uniform in design and provides a smooth transition of Joe's portfolio.

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Our Lady of the Mountains

Our Lady of the Mountains :: 2011

Our Lady of the Mountains, Roman Catholic Church wanted to easily be able to update their bulletins, their mass schedules, and highlight special events coming up. This Wordpress site has been customized to suit their needs, making it simple to update on their own.


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Save Historic Jackson Hole

Save Historic Jackson Hole :: 2011

Save Historic Jackson Hole (SHJH) is a non-profit organization, who's goal is to help preserve the rural character of Jackson Hole through responsible planning and development, the respect of nature, with genuine interest in community. SHJH came to us in the hopes that we could help present them the most appropriate way through their online presence. We began anew with a distinguished logo, along with picturesque images that evoked the character of Jackson Hole.

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Jackson Hole Roasters

Jackson Hole Roasters :: 2011

Jackson Hole Roasters is a coffee roaster in the area. They provide freshly roasted coffee and wanted to share it with their customers and coffee lovers everywhere. We implemented the GCMS and G$ale software to develop their new site. You can purchase their coffee right on their website, all of this is developed in-house and it gives JH Roasters the necessary tools to manage and process their own orders.

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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces :: 2011

Sacred Spaces assists in finding nurture through internal and external environments.Mary Wendell Lampton came to us for guidance on how to best present her services to her community, we used the color "red" throughout her website, which evokes stimulation of the body and mind.

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Jackson Hole Compunet

Jackson Hole Compunet :: 2011

JHCompunet is a full service technology company, providing computer sales and service, audio/video equipment and installation, high speed internet service and satellite TV service from DishNetwork. Their new site is fully equipped with highlighted promotions on their front page, several detailed pages to provide the most accurate information to their customers, and Facebook integration.

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Bikewire :: 2011

Bikewire has been redeveloped by Gliffen Designs to meet Bikewire's specific needs. This site makes it possible for people to post wires to request a transport of goods or riders willing to transport goods for trade/price.

The new features added include SMS and e-mail notifications on specific wires posted in realtime as well as Facebook integration so you can like individual wires.

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Distinctive Journeys

Distinctive Journeys :: 2011

This is a site that uses a large amount of Javascript to control the user experience. As with most of our sites this one is tied to the GCMS content management system. Custom databases and management tools have been developed to help the client control slideshows, tours, and guide biographies.

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Coldwell Banker Jackson Hole

Coldwell Banker Jackson Hole :: 2011

This site was developed for Coldwell Banker Jackson Hole - Christian Andersen Realty as a branding tool for the business.

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EKO Flood USA, LLC. :: 2011

Eko Flood USA was developed to help convey the functionality of the company. They offer comprehensive flood systems and the idea here was to present the work they have done nationwide, through videos and images, along with descriptions of their flood protection solutions.
This site demonstrates lightboxes and slideshows to most effectively present their projects.

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Jeff Foott Photography

Jeff Foott Photography :: 2010

This is a photography portfolio website created for Jeff Foott. It includes a backend area that allows for the addition and organization of virtually unlimited photos. Bulk upload and processing features make this system a snap when it comes to putting in large collections of photos. This site is also backed with GCMS which allows Jeff to update all the content on his site without any expert help. 

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Teton Toys

Teton Toys :: 2010

This website is the first implementation of GSale. A robust point of sale system that shares inventory information with an online store. This is a unique program designed specifically for retail stores that would like to have an online extension to the same inventory as is in their store. Without this functionality many retailers have experienced that a good deal of web orders need to be refunded do to discrepancies between the inventory shown online and actual inventory in the store. This is no longer an issue for companies using GSale.   

Other key advantages to GSale include the ability to run reports for both in store and/or online sales from anywhere. Furthermore, all that is needed to setup a sales counter is a credit card machine and a computer with internet connection. This makes GSale a great program for companies that go to trade shows and need to have a quick way to setup a counter yet still maintain all their sales data and inventory in a single location. 

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Mountain Weather

Mountain Weather :: 2010

Complete Re-design of MountainWeather is the definitive source for Jackson Hole weather information. This site is build with a robust content management system allowing for forecast data structuring and processing. Also included is a custom ad serving system.

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The Wandering Angler

The Wandering Angler :: 2010

This website wans created for a fly fishing guide company based out of and operating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Broncs Taxi

Broncs Taxi :: 2009

Search Engine Optimization services for Broncs Taxi located in Jackson Wyoming.

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Terra Firma Organics

Terra Firma Organics :: 2009

Terra Firma Organics' website was designed to convey the functions of the company and to help promote thier public acceptance as an alternative waste management company in the Jackson Hole area

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Jackson Lodging Co

Jackson Lodging Co :: 2009

Custom built content management system. Contact management and bulk e-mail programs. Property manager with reservation management and business reporting. This site has an extensive amount of functionality that allows for virtually hands free business operations.

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Andrew J Best

Andrew J Best :: 2008

This is the portfolio website of Gliffen Designs owner Andrew Best

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Ciao Gallery

Ciao Gallery :: 2007

This is a website for a Co-Operative Art Gallery in Jackson, WY. The site features pages for all the artists in the gallery w/ blurbs and images for each artist as well as details on art exhibitions held by Ciao Gallery. GCMS is used to manage the pages for their website, making is easy make necessary updates on exhibitions, memberships and opportunties for artists.

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Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up :: 2006

This e-commerce site was taken over and redesigned by me in 2006. The site features the full line of brand name products offered by Wyoming West Designs.

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